Kids Club Financial Agreement

Kids Club Financial Agreement

West Branch Community Early Learning Center
Located in the Hoover Elementary School (All-Purpose Room)


Payment Policy:

• I pay my regular fee during the entire school year whether or not my child attends (including no school days and Holidays)

• I must sign up in advance for no school days (I must pay for the days I sign up for whether or not my child attends those days)

• Payments are due in full by the 1st of each month. You may choose to pay weekly, biweekly or monthly. Payments will be made by automatic withdrawal or debit/credit card and an additional % service fee added (typically up to 5% depending on card type).

• A $25.00 fee will be charged for payments that are late.

• If your payment goes uncollected for (5) days after the 1st of the month, you will be asked to withdraw your child from the program until tuition is made current. When your tuition is current, you may enroll your child back into the program as openings are available.

I Agree To Make Payments:
Payment Options:
In case of early release for weather, is your child expected to attend the Kids Club Program? (Please ensure the school has been informed of this 319-643-7211)